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I've changed my title! I've changed my lay-out! I AM BECOMING A NEW ME. One who will be responsible in leaving comments to all the stories I read. One who will actually post regularly in this journal. One who will--

Um, yeah. Right. Anyway. I am at least making an oblig sticky so people wandering through will have a better chance of finding my fic than by navigating my sketchy tagging system.

Fic will be organized by date, newest at the top. You might not realize, but this is very strategic of me, as it leaves all my earliest (and most embarrassing) fic attempts at the bottom. In other words, read those at your own risk. I can't, um, vouch for their quality.

Roomba v2.0
Pete/Patrick, secondary Brendon/Ryan | 17,000 words
Summary: “Do you realize how pathetic it is that you’re asking me for advice on how to sleep with your cleaning robot?”

Maybe You Can Sell Him On eBay
baby Brendon/Ryan preslash | 5,000 words
Summary: bb!Panic AU. "You know what we should do?" Brendon asks Ryan, eyes getting brighter. "We should get proof of Santa!"

Ryan Ross > Ryan Seacrest
Brendon/Ryan, secondary Adam/Kris | 6,000 words
Summary: American Idol AU. Brendon’s finally gotten his big break, and all he wants to do is make it to the next round of competition, but one particular faux hawk-ed, eyeliner-abusing asshole is making it kind of difficult to focus…

How to Survive a Recession
Brendon/Spencer, background William/Gabe, Cash/Singer, Frank/Gerard, Pete/Patrick/Ashlee | 42,000 words
Summary: Office AU. Island Electronics is going down in a blaze of glory, just one more company that's fallen victim to the ruthless recession. Receptionist Spencer Smith and coworker Brendon Urie fight to save the company (and their incomes) as all around them, their compatriots succumb to the wrath of the fearsome Pink Slips.

Because You Look Like A Jackass
Brendon/Ryan, background Pete/Patrick | 7,000 words
Summary: Apartment AU! Basically: Brendon's just moved into town. He courts Ryan Ross with flowery words and also a coat rack. He falls flat on his face.

only need two more miracles
Ryan gen, Brendon/Ryan preslash | 6,000 words
Summary: Just another PATD fix-it fic, but this time from Ryan's pov. Because sometimes, being screwed up doesn't have to last forever.
AN: I think this might be my worst attempt at a summary yet. Wow. /o\

You Got A Crew? (I Got A Crew Too)
Brendon/Ryan, background Pete/Patrick, Jon/Spencer, Greta/Gabe | 24,000 words
Summary: AU. Every June, in the world of Las Vegas hair care, it’s all about one thing: the Annual Services Survey. Can struggling hairdresser Brendon Urie and his coworkers finally win over rival salon Cobra Starship? Shenanigans ensue as they battle it out, all while Brendon struggles to keep his eye on the prize—and away from that cute but prickly reporter.

you are the dreamer, we are the dream
Fall Out Boy Gen | 11,000 words
Summary: A snow globe, a fight to the death, and the best joint of Joe Trohman's life. How Fall Out Boy spends Christmas. (This is a wildly, wildly cracky adaptation of A Christmas Carol.)

High School 'Verse of Doom: (from earliest to latest installments)

The High School Knows Something I Don't Know
Ryan/Brendon preslash | 3,000 words
Summary: High School AU. So, Brendon likes this girl, right? And this really shouldn't be that big a deal. But then Ryan gets involved. And everything kind of goes straight to hell.

St-St-Stutter Something Profound
Jon/Spencer, hints of Brendon/Ryan | 6,000 words
Summary: Brendon and Ryan are oblivious. Spencer is confused. And Jon is just kind of lost, because he's new to this school, okay, and sometimes, a guy needs a little help.

Swear to Shake It Up
Brendon/Ryan, Jon/Spencer | 20,000 words
Summary: This wasn’t supposed to be such a big deal. Really. Spencer was just trying to give Brendon and Ryan a good shove in the right direction (the right direction being, of course, towards each other’s beds). Only…things don’t go quite as planned.

Bad Tattoos and Worse Ideas
Cash/Singer, background Johnson/Ian, background Brendon/Ryan | 17,000 words
Summary: Alex likes Cash who likes Brendon who likes Ryan, only it’s kind of complicated. Which Alex thinks it really doesn’t need to be, if Cash would just pull his head out of his ass. So he needs a plan, only that is complicated, and Marshall’s even started pulling out the flowcharts. Basically, it’s a mess, but hey—it’s high school.

Wow, I've written a ton of shit. Huh.

Maybe I should also add some words about me. My name is Kathy! I'm starting college next fall. I like green. That is really a pretty complete picture of me. I'm kind of a shallow person. :D?

Oh, also, 99.9% of this journal is public. Feel free to friend me anyway; I will friend back ASAP. I should probably also disclose my horrible, horrible lurking habits here. So...I don't really leave comments all that much. /o\ I'm working on it! One step at a time. Soon I, too, will be a functioning internet person.
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