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Aug. 21st, 2009 02:28 pm
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I have, after much wibbling, finally changed my layout! Isn't it beautiful? [livejournal.com profile] minty_peach made it about a million years ago, because I am pretty much late on everything. Still, I am so unbelievably pleased, just seal-clapping all over the place. \o/

It's so pretty! And I tweaked it a bit here and there, mostly with text colors and that kind of miscellany.

Also! Also I changed my name and my journal title and my profile (...kind of). I feel like a new person! No, I feel like a phoenix, reborn from the ashes of el-jay's premade layouts.

I feel...kind of inordinately pleased about this. But I am sharing my squee with all of you because, well, you know. I'm generous and shit.

LET'S TRY TO MAKE THIS ENTRY A LITTLE MORE WORTHWHILE, SHALL WE? What do you guys want? Fic-recs? Pictures? More of me babbling about books none of you have read? (I feel like I'm preaching to empty space around here, sometimes. THEN I REMEMBER YOU, [livejournal.com profile] chaoticallyclev! ♥)

Well, here, a compromise. A fic rec AND a picture!

Ask Yourself What Matters by [livejournal.com profile] formerlydf
Pairing: Gabe/William
Summary: There's a voice inside his head telling him that this is Bill, this is Bill in pain, he should be there, he should try to make it better, he shouldn't leave Bill alone, and there's another voice reminding him of how much Bill likes his privacy, that he should respect the few intact boundaries they have left.

Guess what, guys, it's a sex pollen fic...without sex! I would love it for that alone, but, um, also, it's really gr8. Beautiful characterizations all over the place (but that shouldn't be a surprise, not with that author) and just--yeah. A really nice, heartwarming resolution. Also, it's Gabe/William! It seems like there's been real dearth of Gabe/William in bandom recently. (lol dearth. isn't that the greatest word ever? dearth. dearth. deeeaaarth. okay, sorry.)

And a picture of the perfect example of wedded, domestic bliss behind the cut )

Happy Friday, flist! It's the weekend tomorrow! :DDDD
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So. Long time no see, el-jay.


Anyway, I come bearing fic! Labor of love through many long hours, yadda yadda yadda.

Title: You Got A Crew? (I Got A Crew Too)
Rating: PG-13
Pairing(s): Brendon/Ryan; background Pete/Patrick, Jon/Spencer, and Greta/Gabe
Wordcount: ~24,000
Warnings: None. Swearing, I suppose.
Thanks to: [livejournal.com profile] chaoticallyclev, who cheered me on relentlessly, withstood my whining patiently, and, overall, is just a lovely human being! You are so awesome, bb. ;________;
Author's Notes: Um, I know nothing about hairdressing. And it probably shows. But--it's fic! Given with a healthy dose of crack. :)
Summary: AU. Every June, in the world of Las Vegas hair care, it’s all about one thing: the Annual Services Survey. Can struggling hairdresser Brendon Urie and his coworkers finally win over rival salon Cobra Starship? Shenanigans ensue as they battle it out, all while Brendon struggles to keep his eye on the prize—and away from that cute but prickly reporter.

Part 1 )

Part 2
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Part 2 )

Part 3
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Part 3 )

Oh yeah, and totally OT (but relevant in my time of need)--someone needs to talk me out of writing an epic, completely cracky American Idol fic. Stat. /o\ /o\ /o\ I don't even know how this happened, guys, swear.
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  So, I've been perusing the cabfic community, and there's a (surprisingly) large amount of good fic on there! :D I actually don't know much about the Cab except that they are adorable and seem to fail a lot. Which sounds perfectly awesome to me. \o/ Although Singer's hair kind of squicks me.

A few of my favorites so far:
Reality Won't Hurt Longer Than It Should, by [profile] riflethroughand [profile] miserylovedme
Marshall/Ian (with bonus Marshall/Gabe, Cash/Marshall, Singer/Marshall, Johnson/Marshall)
A really pleasantly plotty genderfuck starring Alex Marshall, who tbh looks a lot like a girl already. So, yay: not much stretch of the imagination required! Well-written, with a wonderfully schmoopy ending. :) Snippet: "And I am now a girl," Marshall says slowly. He makes a face. "Well, kind of. Sort of. Physically, anyway. Whatever."

Keep the Lights Off, by [profile] flash_indie
Gen, pre-GSF, 1886 words
Wow, this is so adorable. There are boypiles and hugging and comforting and teasing, and yeah. I really don't think there's a single thing about this story I would change. Great characterization, as well. I'm really starting to get into the Cab. Snippet: "This is so gay," Johnson says, but he's climbing over as well, slower and quieter than Ian and Cash, and he gets around to curl into Marshall's side.

You Be The Alcohol, I'll Be The Hangover, by [profile] flash_indie
Cash/Singer, 12394 words
HS au. This was incredibly funny and awesome! Alex is faily and awkward, and Cash is a douchebag (as Alex reiterates many times throughout the story). And the thing is, it works so well. Snippet: Christine grins, and maybe it's not entirely nice. "Right, so like, did you really make out with Cash the other night?"
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Wow. I am so mad. I just finished typing this damn entry up when I, being stupid, accidently ex-ed out of the page. Stupid. ugh. >:( 

Anyway. I come bearing fic recs! 

The first is that absolutely hilarious Ten Things I Hate About You au that [personal profile] scoradhwrote a while back.
Crossing the Rubicon, by [personal profile] scoradh
14,000 words, R. Pete/Mikey, Frank Gerard, Patrick/Greta, Brendon/Ryan
I literally had a smile on my face and a giggle in my throat the whole time I was reading this. Seriously. It was just fun, well-written, and pretty hysterical. A+++ job! Excerpt: "I need a guitar," Pete said. "I have my dad's credit card and five hundred dollars in savings, where do I go? Which kidney should I sell?"
"Calm down," said Patrick. He sounded like he was eating something. "Come over to my place, I'll lend you a banjo."

hand on your arm, by [personal profile] jezzabe
This is an au in which Brendon is blind, and has been for his entire life. I actually really enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Brendon being blind just sounds kind of like a signed invitation for bad!fic, you know? But jezzabe pulled it off incredibly well. Summary: An AU where Brendon is blind, interviewers are morons, and Pete is Pete. 

In other news, I am so excited for Warped Tour!! Only two and a half more weeks! \o/


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