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Hello hello hello,

I am failing, very predictably, at posting during the school year! Which is, um, expected, but still kind of blah.

Yes, hello, I'm Kathy, and I can't use adjectives today. It's nice to meet you too.

I am fairly certain this entry is going to be all over the fucking place. I am sick, you see, have contracted a devastating strain of the flu and am certain to perish within the next business week or so. Please send all flowers/condolences through my nonexistent secretary. Well. My throat hurts, at least. And I've got a low-grade fever. Whatevs! (See, proof that I am not in my right mind. I would never say whatevs in public unless I was hopped on Tylenol. Is it possible to be hopped up on Tylenol? I think I've somewhat diverged from the point. Not that I had one. Siiiigh.)

Um. I did download a moodtheme this morning! So...I was slightly productive. It took me ages, though. I think I did something funky to my photobucket. But anyway! It is so adorable! I snagged from [livejournal.com profile] upsa_daisy, and it's from Planet Earth! LOOK AT THE CUTE ANIMALS. Yeah. That's what I thought.

Can we discuss how immensely gay all of Kris Allen's upcoming songs are? I mean, first you've got Live Like We're Dying, which pretty much parallels him and Adam's relationship arc. Oh, wait. Before proceeding, please put on your tinhats for your own safety. Thank you and have a good flight. )

HERE HAVE AN HP FIC REC SO I CAN FEEL BETTER ABOUT THE OVERALL CRAZINESS OF THIS ENTRY. (but ooh, does referencing hp actually make me crazier? decisions!)

Talk To Me by [livejournal.com profile] saras_girl
Summary: When the usual channels of communication are shut down, the most surprising people can find a way in. A strange little love story.

This is so fucking cute. It is like wallowing in a sea of pillows and bunnies. I think that simile got away from me. ANYWAY. It is awesome and fluffy and feel-good, so read for a pick-me-up!

Man, tomorrow's Monday. Maybe I'll be too ill to go to school.
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So, I know this is getting pimped out pretty much everywhere, but I thought I would put a little mention of it here, as well, so as to further inflate my already engorged sense of self-importance. :D!

The Adam Lambert charity challenge!

This is a really great cause, for srs. You get to choose which project to give to (they're all involved with giving arts opportunities to kids in high poverty districts), and what amount. So, you know. If you have a dollar to spare, please give! :)

PLUS, there is a fic/art auction going on, too, where you bid on fic/art, and that money goes to the charity, while you are rewarded with beautiful expressions of fannish creativity. It's a win/win situation! Fandoms involved aren't restricted to AI rps, either. And the authors/artists participating are incredibly talented. [livejournal.com profile] astolat, anyone?

Also! Also I have so many fic recs for your glowing faces, flist. I am pretty much late on all of them, but that is okay, because I am chronically unpunctual and I have learned to accept that. Fic recs behind the cut! )

Finally, I want to take a moment to blush splotchily and thank everyone who is still hanging around for the amazing reception of my latest story! Really. The comments were so awesome and glee-making! You guys made my week, honestly. :')

Oh, wait, no, I almost forgot. I have a picture to show you all! I personally am developing a huge crush on that pretty, pretty girl on the left. behind the cut! )
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