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Hello hello hello,

I am failing, very predictably, at posting during the school year! Which is, um, expected, but still kind of blah.

Yes, hello, I'm Kathy, and I can't use adjectives today. It's nice to meet you too.

I am fairly certain this entry is going to be all over the fucking place. I am sick, you see, have contracted a devastating strain of the flu and am certain to perish within the next business week or so. Please send all flowers/condolences through my nonexistent secretary. Well. My throat hurts, at least. And I've got a low-grade fever. Whatevs! (See, proof that I am not in my right mind. I would never say whatevs in public unless I was hopped on Tylenol. Is it possible to be hopped up on Tylenol? I think I've somewhat diverged from the point. Not that I had one. Siiiigh.)

Um. I did download a moodtheme this morning! So...I was slightly productive. It took me ages, though. I think I did something funky to my photobucket. But anyway! It is so adorable! I snagged from [livejournal.com profile] upsa_daisy, and it's from Planet Earth! LOOK AT THE CUTE ANIMALS. Yeah. That's what I thought.

Can we discuss how immensely gay all of Kris Allen's upcoming songs are? I mean, first you've got Live Like We're Dying, which pretty much parallels him and Adam's relationship arc. Oh, wait. Before proceeding, please put on your tinhats for your own safety. Thank you and have a good flight. )

HERE HAVE AN HP FIC REC SO I CAN FEEL BETTER ABOUT THE OVERALL CRAZINESS OF THIS ENTRY. (but ooh, does referencing hp actually make me crazier? decisions!)

Talk To Me by [livejournal.com profile] saras_girl
Summary: When the usual channels of communication are shut down, the most surprising people can find a way in. A strange little love story.

This is so fucking cute. It is like wallowing in a sea of pillows and bunnies. I think that simile got away from me. ANYWAY. It is awesome and fluffy and feel-good, so read for a pick-me-up!

Man, tomorrow's Monday. Maybe I'll be too ill to go to school.
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I changed my el-jay layout again! Isn't it pretty? If any of you were around this morning, then you probably caught a whole bunch of fuckery in which I tried out and then discarded about ten million different layouts. /o\/o\/o\ But I really like this one! It was made by [livejournal.com profile] refuted, and it's exactly as simple as I wanted. Plus, it makes me look very mature, no? Which is why I felt compelled to write a particularly juvenile subject line on this entry, so as to keep from fostering any misleading impressions.

I also made a header! Well, okay, not really, but I inserted and resized it correctly, so I am feeling very accomplished. :D It was in actual fact first made by [livejournal.com profile] upsa_daisy. She's got a shitload of bee-yoo-ti-ful headers/icons; it's a really great place.

I had my very first fandom-related dream last night, flist! I feel like I've passed some sort of test; like, I am truly a member of bandom now. :D And it was about Pete Wentz, as all the best dreams are! Boring dream rambling )

Oh, I have a story to share! None of you know this, because I hardly share any personal information here, but I live in a ho-hum little town in Oregon. Very low-key and environmentally-concerned. Cut for blathering )

This was kind of an uneventful entry. Oh, well. How are you all doing? :)
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I actually have some content to post in here! :D

FIRST OF ALL, I would like to pimp out my beautiful new profile. It was made by enormously talented [livejournal.com profile] lethal_melody! And I updated all my information in there--lol, the old shit was so inaccurate--and also put in some (kind of self-evident) friending tips.

Also, I just really like owls, and I think everybody should! So y'all should take a gander at my profile.

In other, fandom-related news--THIS IS A DIRECT QUOTE FROM BRADLEY JAMES: "I find myself becoming a bit of a fan and wanting Arthur to find out about Merlin's magic. Because I don't think it can go on too much longer, with Arthur not knowing; the relationship is in danger of going stale if you keep going at the same pace. But I think there's been more concentration on other relationships this second series than on the Arthur/Merlin front. So I'm hoping towards the second half there'll be a bit more development."

Um, wow. HELLO, unexpected Arthur/Merlin shipper! Welcome to the fold. We'll have your membership card mailed immediately.

Anyway. I was just really pleased by that. It's kind of like the way Gabe/William encourages fandom! The way Pete always loves on Patrick at every opportunity. AND PEOPLE WONDER WHY I WRITE FIC, JEEZ.

Speaking of which--I am due to have a fic post verrrry soon. And by soon, I mean tomorrow. :D! So you can be on the look-out for that.

Oh, one more thing (wow, this is a packed post): Patrick got arrested! Aw, he has street cred now! (Please picture me saying that in my gooiest baby voice. Because I totally am. This is what Patrick does to me.) Just take a look at his totally hardcore mugshot behind the cut )
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a new day

Aug. 21st, 2009 02:28 pm
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I have, after much wibbling, finally changed my layout! Isn't it beautiful? [livejournal.com profile] minty_peach made it about a million years ago, because I am pretty much late on everything. Still, I am so unbelievably pleased, just seal-clapping all over the place. \o/

It's so pretty! And I tweaked it a bit here and there, mostly with text colors and that kind of miscellany.

Also! Also I changed my name and my journal title and my profile (...kind of). I feel like a new person! No, I feel like a phoenix, reborn from the ashes of el-jay's premade layouts.

I feel...kind of inordinately pleased about this. But I am sharing my squee with all of you because, well, you know. I'm generous and shit.

LET'S TRY TO MAKE THIS ENTRY A LITTLE MORE WORTHWHILE, SHALL WE? What do you guys want? Fic-recs? Pictures? More of me babbling about books none of you have read? (I feel like I'm preaching to empty space around here, sometimes. THEN I REMEMBER YOU, [livejournal.com profile] chaoticallyclev! ♥)

Well, here, a compromise. A fic rec AND a picture!

Ask Yourself What Matters by [livejournal.com profile] formerlydf
Pairing: Gabe/William
Summary: There's a voice inside his head telling him that this is Bill, this is Bill in pain, he should be there, he should try to make it better, he shouldn't leave Bill alone, and there's another voice reminding him of how much Bill likes his privacy, that he should respect the few intact boundaries they have left.

Guess what, guys, it's a sex pollen fic...without sex! I would love it for that alone, but, um, also, it's really gr8. Beautiful characterizations all over the place (but that shouldn't be a surprise, not with that author) and just--yeah. A really nice, heartwarming resolution. Also, it's Gabe/William! It seems like there's been real dearth of Gabe/William in bandom recently. (lol dearth. isn't that the greatest word ever? dearth. dearth. deeeaaarth. okay, sorry.)

And a picture of the perfect example of wedded, domestic bliss behind the cut )

Happy Friday, flist! It's the weekend tomorrow! :DDDD
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