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Wow. I am so mad. I just finished typing this damn entry up when I, being stupid, accidently ex-ed out of the page. Stupid. ugh. >:( 

Anyway. I come bearing fic recs! 

The first is that absolutely hilarious Ten Things I Hate About You au that [personal profile] scoradhwrote a while back.
Crossing the Rubicon, by [personal profile] scoradh
14,000 words, R. Pete/Mikey, Frank Gerard, Patrick/Greta, Brendon/Ryan
I literally had a smile on my face and a giggle in my throat the whole time I was reading this. Seriously. It was just fun, well-written, and pretty hysterical. A+++ job! Excerpt: "I need a guitar," Pete said. "I have my dad's credit card and five hundred dollars in savings, where do I go? Which kidney should I sell?"
"Calm down," said Patrick. He sounded like he was eating something. "Come over to my place, I'll lend you a banjo."

hand on your arm, by [personal profile] jezzabe
This is an au in which Brendon is blind, and has been for his entire life. I actually really enjoyed this more than I thought I would. Brendon being blind just sounds kind of like a signed invitation for bad!fic, you know? But jezzabe pulled it off incredibly well. Summary: An AU where Brendon is blind, interviewers are morons, and Pete is Pete. 

In other news, I am so excited for Warped Tour!! Only two and a half more weeks! \o/
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So, I've pretty much been spending my summer holed up in my room, reading all the big bangs that catch my eye. Most of them were really amazingly good (I say this as a former member of the hp fandom). But under the cut is only a list of my very favorites, since I only have so much energy and patience. :)  

Big Bangs! )




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