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Dec. 5th, 2009 01:07 pm
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So, there is a high possibility that I am getting sick. I've had a runny nose all morning, and I've also started sporadically coughing.

....But I'm just going to stay happily in denial until my fever reaches 103, if that's all right with everyone. :D

Also, in more pointless [livejournal.com profile] piecesof_reeses news, I got contacts! Cut for your benefit! Whining inside. )The robot au I was babbling about previously has also kind of stalled. I've got almost 4000 words of--not precisely shit, but nothing too stellar, either. Of course, I'm probably biased right now because I'm really unhappy with my uncooperative muse, but...yeah. Hopefully I can kick my stupid brain back into gear and finish the thing up before too long. I know what's going to happen, I just need to somehow get between point A and point B.

Whew, that was a lot of whining. Adam Lambert will be performing and talking on The View! I actually find that really, really odd considering that young children are far more likely to be awake during daytime television then, say, AFTER 10 PM. But that's probably just me being weird.


Nov. 27th, 2009 09:26 am
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Hahahah, so one would IMAGINE that I would learn to stop thinking about fic before I go to sleep, because it always leads to the most ridiculous (and persistent!) bunnies. I mean, Because You Look Like a Jackass (oh my god why are my titles so loooong? i nearly crapped out five times while typing that out, almost just resorting to an acronym. maybe i'm just lazy. whatever.) was borne out of just such a midnight brainstorming session. It's like the ficbunnies purposely choose to invade just when my mental defenses are at their lowest! It's evil and conniving and--evil!

Because now I kind of want to write a robot AU, which, yes, yes, I know, has been done about a MILLION times. But, I mean, I also wrote an office AU and (several) HS AUs, so I suppose being cliched isn't really out of the norm for me.

But this robot AU would be so ridiculous. Patrick is a cleaning robot! Pete is a faily, spoiled rich boy who lives off his trust fund! Pete tries to back Patrick up against the counter and Patrick just starts dusting the counter behind him while Pete molests his tonsils! Pete thinks they would really have a much more fulfilling sex life if Patrick would only stop trying to make the bed while they were bumping uglies!

But it's not Patrick's fault. :( :( :( It's just his stupid programming.

Oh, god, writing it out makes this seem infinitely more ridiculous than it was inside my head (and it was already 10,000% pure crack in my head). Sigh sigh sigh. Someone please tell me not to write this. I don't have tiiiiime.

(on a very OT note, I am posting very often nowadays. I'm not sure why. Hm. Sorry for cluttering flists!)
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oh jesus, adammmmmm. D: i haven't even watched it yet and i'm practically pulling out my hair just because of all those comments at ontd-ai. i mean, if even they didn't like it, then...uh oh.




eta: lol, so, possibly i was overreacting. i just have a lot of feelings, okay.


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