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Whoa, hey, so it's been almost another month. This is good! Making progress, chug-chug-chugging along. This is like semi-regular posting for me. VICTORY!

So, I've had the three episodes of Sherlock (BBC) uploaded to my desktop for a whiiiiile, and I'm thinking about maybe watching it?

I DON'T KNOW. I need a new fandom to kind of the same degree I need a nice, gaping hole in my head. Thoughts? Mostly I want to know if this is the sort of series that will make me think-y, sad, or gleeful. Because I could use a lot more gleeful right now, in this dark time right before finals.

HEY HEY HEY, also, I have a few thousand words of random Caroline POV (from Vampire Diaries, which y'all should drop everything and watch, right now!) sitting on my hard drive, and I actually have a whole story outlined for it, but...I don't know if I'll have the time/motivation to finish it when I have so much school stuff to do. And it's so STRESSFUL, too, because the show moves so fucking quickly my fic plot was joss-ed, like, three fucking weeks ago, and now I'm getting antsy and uncertain as to whether it's even worth finishing.

WHAT ALL THIS HEMMING AND HAWING AMOUNTS TO IS: Should I post it? As kind of a WIP amnesty thing? I mean, would anyone out there want to read this? At this point, it reads more like a Caroline character study than anything else (although it's supposed to Caroline/Bonnie, and you can definitely tell) BUT THAT IS STILL INTERESTING, RIGHT. I mean, I'm not the only person who's interested in reading a couple thousand words of in-depth Caroline soul-searching, yeah?


One last thing, before I disappear for another month: I'm beta-ing [livejournal.com profile] redorchids's submission for [livejournal.com profile] bandomstuffsit, and it is AWESOME OT3 SHENANIGANS between Brendon and Ryan and Spencer, and a;fjewoifjdsj I am so excited! There is accidental spanking, which is apparently a bad thing in her book, which, I'm sorry, but that means her book is very gravely wrong. :(
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Okay. So. Wow.

It's been kind of a while, hasn't it? I MISS STANDING ON MY VIRTUAL SOAPBOX AND SCREAMING OUT INTO THE ABYSS. Sorry I've been gone so long. :( Life, you know. And some fucked-up personal issues. But anyway.

VAMPIRE DIARIES! I am completely engrossed in the show again, and it is killing me that I can't watch the latest episode until this afternoon. Stupid midterms. >:( But I've just been torturing myself instead of studying, clicking on ep reactions and then scrolling down really quickly in some sadistic form of skimming that lets me see stuff like "OH SHIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED" and "noooo, Matttttt" and oh my god I hate myself. Why do I do this? I don't even know.

But fuck, that episode is calling out to me.

And also, aj;fwjflkdsj Inception! If anyone's glanced at my delicious, it's pretty clear that fandom has pretty much devoured me alive. And I've enjoyed every bit of it. Arthur! And Eames! And carebears!

...Don't judge me.

So. Um. Still alive! And hopefully will be updating this journal on a semi-regular basis once again. If not, just go to my Delicious. It pretty much reads like my running internal monologue anyway.
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It is fucking embarrassing how out-of-the-loop I am with FOB canon these days. I need to start following [livejournal.com profile] icecreamhdaches or something, because I just found out TODAY about Pete's new music project. (Listen to some clips here if, like me, things go way over your head.)

It's--I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm biased just because I kind of wanted FOB to stay together forever and ever (and ever and ever). And...I feel like if Pete's starting a new band, too, then there's not much hope for a FOB reunion anytime soon? I DON'T KNOW. I am happy for him, I suppose. And I do like the music so far. It's catchy! Girl is definitely not Ashlee, though. I'm just putting that out there.

Ugh, I feel like I don't know what to do with myself these days. BBB's over. [livejournal.com profile] hs_bingo's starting. And that, by the way, is a whole other can of worms because I can't make myself start writing. I'm trying to write some Frank/Gerard student-on-teacher action (yeah, I know, shut up, it's on my bingo), but it's coming out really forced and fake. Apparently MCR is not the best band for me to write.

I should just stop whining and do it. Like, BOOM. Sex.

I suppose I could always use that porn generator...
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Because, okay, bingos are just such a bad idea for me. I don't write on command. I don't write quickly. I mean, I can, I suppose, but no one wants to see the end result of that. Trust me.

But WHATEVER a new day is a new day and a new chance for self-improvement! To grow as a person! To...yeah, I'll just post my high school bingo and be done with it. (PSA: get your own at [livejournal.com profile] hs_bingo!)

first day of high school
break up
parents not home
class— foreign language
late for class
mutual hate
prom night
locker room
alcohol/ drugs
suspension/ expulsion
first date
first time
sweet sixteen
applying for colleges
last day of school
first love
exchange student
student/ teacher— private lessons
class— home ec

I really should have known. High school prompts will always be my kryptonite. BUT ANYWAY, even though I will probably fail and make a fool of myself in the process, I am kind of ridiculously excited for this. Yay high school and longing glances and faily come-ons and homework! :DDD Expect fills to be mostly bandom--if I'm feeling really adventurous, maybe some figure-skating rps. MAYBE some VD. Maybe.

...This is going to end so badly.

Oh, hey, on a slightly more optimistic note: I won't be making any more rec posts in my journal because I'm sure it's easier for everyone involved to just check my delicious. Go look! Om nom nom multi-fandom recs.
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So, I had a concert recap halfway typed-up and just sitting in this box for ages, but... Whatever. You guys weren't that interested in reading it, right? Right! No one reads concert recaps, anyway. And if you did want to read a summation of my experience, head over to [livejournal.com profile] chaoticallyclev's abode, who will tell you all about it. Basically: Black Gold were awesome and adorable. TYV were fine as well. Rooney ripped it up. And then we left. Go see them! :D?

Um, anyway. The real reason of this post was to explicate my capture and subsequent conversion to the dark side. (Did I use that word correctly? Who cares, I just wanted to use it. om nom nom big words.) So. THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, man. Who knew they had such a strong grip? My, what big teeth you have, Grandma. I spent my entire morning swanning around and staring at TVD icons. Ostensibly, it was to actually grab some, but I kind of got caught up in just...ogling. Oops.

But I did abscond with a few, as you may have seen from my icon for this entry! LOLOL Ian Somerhalder. He looks so...I can't even describe it. I just look at this picture and start laughing. And maybe, in my room alone where no one can see me, whisper "Easy, breezy, beautiful. COVERGIRL." Um. But pretty much every time I see a picture of him, I just start cracking up. He makes the most ridiculous faces! It's like Brendon, only...twice his age and sexier. (sorry, babe.)

Even his ~~serious pictures are hilarious. Smolder at me more, yeah, that's it. >;)

BUT LET ME BLATHER AT YOU ABOUT HIS SHOW. Because that is the important part. This fucking show, guys. The pilot fucking sucked like a black hole. But after that, it gained a surprising amount of momentum, and I am really, depressingly hooked. LET ME TELL YOU WHY.

Will you walk into my parlor? )

Now I just need to wait until [livejournal.com profile] chaoticallyclev comes home so I can kidnap her and forcefeed TVD to her. >:DDD
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I MADE A DELICIOUS. There are, like, nine bookmarks on it. BUT IT WILL GROW. This is really exciting for me because bookmarking the fics is forcing me to comment on all of them. So.

Also I wrote some comment fic for [livejournal.com profile] provetheworst's prompt, and it kind of expanded without my consent, and now I am posting it in a separate entry. I am a problem-solver!

Title: hundreds of cats (I am the most original, shut up.)
Pairing: Jon/Ryan
Wordcount: 3,000
Warnings: None!
Summary: For the prompt: Write about cats. Hundreds of cats.

a hundred is a lot. )

[livejournal.com profile] provetheworst, you should probably know that I listened to Justin Bieber THE ENTIRE TIME I was writing this. I don't know if that tells you anything. But it feels like the sort of thing I should disclose.
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I have been so productive lately, guys! Y'all should be proud. My journal is wearing new clothing! I've created a sticky! I feel so much more legitimate now.

I fear I have committed an internet faux pas, however. I was scouring the great interwebs for a new lay-out because my last one was a little boxy for my tastes (I know, I know, this one isn't much better in that respect,) and then I finally found one! And it was a lovely shade of apple green. And so I put it in and switched things around and fiddled with it until it was all to my liking, and then I decided to go and cyberstalk some people, as you do.

Which is when I realized that I downloaded the exact same lay-out as [livejournal.com profile] softlyforgotten. I feel so weird about this! Because I'm not even sure if I have plausible deniability in this case. I do visit her journal fairly often because I enjoy slobbering at her writing. PERHAPS I WAS SUBCONSCIOUSLY ATTEMPTING TO IMITATE HER. ///o\\\

But, um. Yeah. Hopefully if she ever stumbles upon my journal she will take it as a compliment. Imitation is the sincerest, etc. etc.

Anyway. I want to write something! But my creative juices have run dry. People should leave me prompts! I can't promise they'll get filled in a timely manner, (oratallbecausei'materribleperson) but I will do my best. Really. ANYONE. Please? Even strangers I have never spoken to! My flist is kind of microscopic, after all.

/awkward plea

Also everyone should read this! Amazing Tony/Gibbs genderfuck by [livejournal.com profile] rageprufrock. It was completely out of my usual fandom wanderings, but I enjoyed it immensely. :D

Also also, leave me recs for big bangs! I am having a hard time getting started.
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OH MAN, it's been ages since I've posted. Stuff's been happening. Life's been kicking my ass. My online presence overall, not just in el-jay, has pretty much plummeted. Ask [livejournal.com profile] chaoticallyclev.

I also haven't really posted because I've been kind of mad a lot. At...everything. First it's like, SCHOOL, YOU'RE FIRED. Also, el-jay, YOU'RE FIRED. And then it's, Certain People in Fandom, FIRED. And France, FIRED. Arizona, FIRED.

I need to say that a few more times. Fired. FIRED. So, so fired. (huh, that doesn't even look like a word anymore.)

I just--I literally do not understand what is going through the minds of the Arizona government. Something along the lines of caveman grunting? "My stuff, my money, my land. No can has." (Apparently my cavemen also moonlight as lolcats in their spare time. /o\) Honestly? I'm not even going to comment on the immigration law because there are people out there much more eloquent than I am already speaking about the situation. But--banning ethnic studies classes?

Wow. I just--wow. Straight from the governor's mouth, she's worried about these classes fostering "white resentment." Let's say that again. White. Resentment. Because clearly, white resentment isn't caused by entitled assholes. Clearly it isn't caused by that immigration law she just signed. No, of course not. It's ethnic studies classes that are really pushing all those violent minorities over the edge. Well, shit. If only we had known before those goddamn ethnic studies classes were so awful. Bad for your digestion, too.

Who cares about actually teaching people about their heritage? They're in America, now, aren't they? Doesn't that mean they're supposed to conform to all our standards? That they're supposed to single-mindedly adopt our culture? And if they don't, doesn't that just mean they're ungrateful?

Oh, wait, what's that you're saying? I'm sorry, I can't hear you over all the ethnocentrism clogging my ears. Try again in a few moments.

I don't know why it's so hard for me to believe that this kind of bullshit is still happening. I just--aren't people supposed to learn from their mistakes? Aren't we, I don't know, the most adaptable species on the planet? Except for how we still can't tell our heads from our assholes in issues that have been around for centuries. What's even the point of me shouting uselessly into the ether? I'm just preaching to the fucking choir.

Ugh. This was supposed to be cathartic, and I think I've only succeeded in making myself feel worse. :\

OH MY GOD, just have a rec. I really enjoyed this fic! It's Merlin/Arthur, modern AU and h/c. Hopefully it will make you feel better if you just read through my entire incoherent rant.

This is very long. Flist, my apologies.
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Just quickly popping in to say:

I'M POSTING MY BIG BANG TOMORROW. :D And it's all already up, set to private. \o/

...and now I have to go beat myself into doing my schoolwork.
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Oh my god, I just received my posting date and mixes for [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang, and I might be kind of hyperventilating with excitement.




(I just counted the slashes above so that the emoticon would be symmetrical. My OCD is the best OCD.)

But oh my gosh, I am SO GIDDY RIGHT NOW. I want to hug EVERYBODY.

(Can I talk about my mixes before my posting date? Is that illegal? I haven't even listened to them yet, but the cover art for ALL OF THEM is SO BEAUTIFUL. The graphics geek in me wants to rub my face in their awesomeawesomeawesome design skills! That's not weird, right?)
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Okay, so, I feel like I don't actually have very much to say. BUT I wanted to have a less melodramatic entry at the top of my el-jay. Um. Yeah. Not much has been happening! My second semester's starting, and I have a lot more free time now. My hot Psychology teacher has, unfortunately, become progressively less hot as the days go on.

There's kind of a continuum, some sort of correlation, I'm sure, with his level of hotness and the amount of time I've spent in his presence. I could draw a graph, probably, if I were not a complete failure at all things Excel-related. Instead I will offer a brief summary! Like so:

Day 1:
Teacher: blah blah blah SYLLABUS blah blah
piecesof_reeses: OH HAY BLUE EYES DORKY HAIR NICE SMILE. This semester is going to be awesome.

Day 2 )

Anyway. Fandom. Right...What's that again? I have been horribly remiss in my fic-writing. It's actually really awful. The first time I actually scrounge up the guts to sign up for a legit fic challenge ([livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang), and I'm already crapping out. I had been planning on finishing the robot AU long before now, but I've completely lost motivation for it. I feel like maybe part of that is related to some subconscious, passive-aggressive anger at Peter and his online drama.

But that would be stupid. :\ I actually tried free-writing to get over my writer's block, but now I just have over 1,000 words of a different story and...still no motivation. MY SUCCESS, LET ME SHOW YOU IT.

[livejournal.com profile] chaoticallyclev has, however, been very productive in fic-writing! Be excited. Be very excited. :D

OH, WAIT: one more thing that is totally irrelevant but made me really happy--at our local college's Chinese New Year show, some girl randomly started playing Boulevard of Broken Dreams on the piano. A+++ cultural mixing, would listen again.
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i have been so oblivious to everything internet-related that i only just found out.

i don't know what to do.
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I have not posted in FOREVER. I'm sorry for neglecting you, el-jay. It was a period of darkness and exams and deep, deep soul agonies.

Which is to say, the semester is almost ending, and my teachers have abandoned their guises of sweet, kind, humane creatures, and revealed themselves to be joy-sucking sadists. LIFE IS GOOD, clearly. But enough about that. Let me tell you about how my fic-writing is coming along!

I've broken 10,000 for the robot AU, the one which no one felt philanthropic enough to talk me out of. It is...steadily declining in terms of literary merit, I feel, (and when it's a robot AU, you're already starting in negative numbers), but YOU KNOW WHAT, Pete and Patrick have finally gotten past third base, and that is going to have to be good enough. I just need them to fight, now, and make-up afterward, and hopefully spout some witty one-liners along the way, and then I should be good. :D!

Although I do need some advice, wise flist. I signed up for [livejournal.com profile] bandombigbang (every time I say that, I feel like running around in circles, waving my hands and screaming hysterically), and I'm not sure what I should do for it. Like, I could post my robot story for it, but March is such a long time away. And then again, I'm not sure if I could complete another 10,000+ word story before that time. I really don't know if I want the pressure of doing so, especially with school.


Here, to make up for my incessant whining, have some [livejournal.com profile] hd_holidays recs behind the cut! )

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Whew, that was a lot of typing! i am such a wimp. /o\ Happy early MLK day, everybody!

bite hard

Dec. 30th, 2009 10:53 am
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*crawls out of nest*

Hello, world! How are you all doing? Yesterday was kind of a crap day for me, for no reason in particular, but I'm very pleased it's Wednesday now.

Here, I will tell you all a story now. It's kind of embarrassing. On Sunday, my family and I went skiing. Let me...try to put that in perspective a little bit. See, saying that I am not very good at skiing is kind of like saying that Mount Everest is kind of large. Or that Adam Lambert is kind of not straight. Or that Ryan Ross is kind of pretentious. (I'm sorry, Ryan! I mock because I love.)

cut for length! )

That is the end of my story, everyone. Luckily, no one but me witnessed it. I feel kind of stupid (the way that Tiger Woods probably feels kind of stupid right now) but mostly, I'm just happy to be alive. It would have kind of sucked to die while skiing backwards, ass in the air and freaking out like a lunatic.

It's almost New Year's! :D My resolution is to never go skiing again. Ever.
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Oh my gosh, it's been so looooong--

Wow, it's actually taking some effort to keep myself from breaking into song. ANYWAY. What is going on, everyone? It's almost Christmas! My brother's bringing his girlfriend home; it's pretty exciting. I'm trying to decide whether I should transform myself into the little sister from Hell and shower her with pranks.

...Probably not. I doubt my brother would ever forgive me. Siiiigh.

FIC UPDATE: I haven't gotten much further on my robot AU, although I'm hoping to finish that before Winter Break ends. We'll see how my motivation holds up. /o\ What I have been working on is something from [livejournal.com profile] redorchids's Christmas Wish Exchange! Which is also pretty exciting. :D I have a feeling that I'm way out of my depth, though. Should I post the gift on Christmas? Before then? Should I tell the recipient I'm working on their request in case someone else does the same thing? Or is it supposed to be a surprise?

These are the things that I worry about when I'm alone and going stir-crazy in my house, just in case anyone was wondering.

SOME OTHER THINGS I AM EXCITED ABOUT: [livejournal.com profile] chaoticallyclev has broken out of her dry fic-writing spell and is working on something for the Christmas Wish Exchange! And it is so, so, so adorable. That is all I can disclose for now. ;)

Also, the amazing fic from [livejournal.com profile] cest_what is cheering me up, too! It's Z/Tennessee, and so happy-making. Really, read it. I enjoyed it immensely. I would make some other recs, as well, but we've had such a deluge of goodfic lately (mostly due to the [livejournal.com profile] drawn_to exchange) that I feel it would be rather like overkill.

Expect a fic post somewhere in the next few days. :) And Happy Holidays, whatever you may celebrate.

rl horrors

Dec. 5th, 2009 01:07 pm
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So, there is a high possibility that I am getting sick. I've had a runny nose all morning, and I've also started sporadically coughing.

....But I'm just going to stay happily in denial until my fever reaches 103, if that's all right with everyone. :D

Also, in more pointless [livejournal.com profile] piecesof_reeses news, I got contacts! Cut for your benefit! Whining inside. )The robot au I was babbling about previously has also kind of stalled. I've got almost 4000 words of--not precisely shit, but nothing too stellar, either. Of course, I'm probably biased right now because I'm really unhappy with my uncooperative muse, but...yeah. Hopefully I can kick my stupid brain back into gear and finish the thing up before too long. I know what's going to happen, I just need to somehow get between point A and point B.

Whew, that was a lot of whining. Adam Lambert will be performing and talking on The View! I actually find that really, really odd considering that young children are far more likely to be awake during daytime television then, say, AFTER 10 PM. But that's probably just me being weird.


Nov. 27th, 2009 09:26 am
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Hahahah, so one would IMAGINE that I would learn to stop thinking about fic before I go to sleep, because it always leads to the most ridiculous (and persistent!) bunnies. I mean, Because You Look Like a Jackass (oh my god why are my titles so loooong? i nearly crapped out five times while typing that out, almost just resorting to an acronym. maybe i'm just lazy. whatever.) was borne out of just such a midnight brainstorming session. It's like the ficbunnies purposely choose to invade just when my mental defenses are at their lowest! It's evil and conniving and--evil!

Because now I kind of want to write a robot AU, which, yes, yes, I know, has been done about a MILLION times. But, I mean, I also wrote an office AU and (several) HS AUs, so I suppose being cliched isn't really out of the norm for me.

But this robot AU would be so ridiculous. Patrick is a cleaning robot! Pete is a faily, spoiled rich boy who lives off his trust fund! Pete tries to back Patrick up against the counter and Patrick just starts dusting the counter behind him while Pete molests his tonsils! Pete thinks they would really have a much more fulfilling sex life if Patrick would only stop trying to make the bed while they were bumping uglies!

But it's not Patrick's fault. :( :( :( It's just his stupid programming.

Oh, god, writing it out makes this seem infinitely more ridiculous than it was inside my head (and it was already 10,000% pure crack in my head). Sigh sigh sigh. Someone please tell me not to write this. I don't have tiiiiime.

(on a very OT note, I am posting very often nowadays. I'm not sure why. Hm. Sorry for cluttering flists!)
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(ohwait, i just remembered i have to finish that stupid application for my local college. whatever. it's a safety. damn, though.)

sorry for raping your eyes with my impudent capslock! carry on! HAVE AN AWESOME THANKSGIVING. :D

♥ ♥ ♥

(oh my god, is this what being high feels like? i feel like twirling. and kissing everybody. EVERYBODY.)
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And oh my gosh, it was very exciting. LET ME TELL YOU A STORY, OKAY. I promise you will (probably) like it. It is very freaky-deaky, anyway. So, I am driving along a road at about 11:59 PM last night, on the way home from my [livejournal.com profile] chaoticallyclev's super awesome play-Rockband-and-dance-around-like-a-lunatic Halloween party. (Yes, I know, how very lame of me, going home before midnight.) BUT ANYWAY. My early departure very helpfully facilitated the imminent freaky-deakiness!

Because at 11:59 PM, I happen to glance at my car's odometer (it's quite new), and I see that it reads 666. And I'm like, lol awesome :D But then--BUT THEN, my clock ticks over to 12:00 AM, and I shit you not, the odometer goes to 667 miles at exactly the same time. Like, good-bye devil's hour! Good-bye Halloween! See you again next year!

Um, yeah. That is the end of my story. Possibly it was cooler when I was experiencing it all alone in a car on an empty street at midnight. Whatever.

I'm afraid that I haven't any more content to add. I mean, everyone already knows about Adam Lambert's sparkly new single, yes? The one where he wants to entertain you until you scream? Part of me is going, LOL ADAM LAMBERT and the other part is going, OMG ILU ADAM LAMBERT.

Guess which part's winning. /o\ I am really hoping this breaks into the airwaves and the top 40. Because that would be amazing. So, so amazing. I wonder how the RCA execs are feeling right now. >:)

Oh, right, fic update. I am (hopefully) almost done with it--I've just sent it off to my beta, actually--and it might be up soon! Maybe. Depending on how much schoolwork gets piled on me and how much I have to fix my story's gaping plotholes. It is 42,000 words, asfj;wieojf. 42,000 words of pining and stealth!closet-sex and conspiracy theories. Hopefully not too self-indulgent to keep anyone else but me from enjoying it. *crosses fingers*

Tomorrow is Monday. :(
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AHAHAHAHAH OH MY GOD. I just typo-ed stroking as storking. Storking. What the fuck would that even mean? Nothing remotely sexy, that's for sure. Maybe a stork flying in randomly and joining the action? (Oh, god, imagine the dialogue: "ooh, yeah, get those feathers all over me, baby." /o\)

Poor Brendon, having to put up with Spencer continually storking him in my fic. :( :( :(

I just read over this entry and possibly it will not be funny to anyone outside of my head. That is okay, because I just spent the last five minutes laughing about it. MORAL OF THE STORY: Sex with birds is the best sex!